Chinchen St is all about enabling babes to make alternative fashion choices. It is anti fast-fashion, out on a mission to reuse timeless vintage pieces and create a selection hand-made goods from high-quality recycled materials.


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world (Alternet, 2015). Australian’s alone dispose of 6,000kg of fashion waste every 10 minutes (ABC, 2017). Chinchen St brings new life to vintage pieces of fashion - saving it from ending up in landfill. Our vintage is hand selected by Bonnie Lee Tipper, designer and stylist for the label.

Chinchen St handmade collections are made using a minimum of 75% reclaimed or recycled materials. These collections are limited run, because mass production is not something Chinchen St supports.


All items in the Chinchen St handmade collection are designed and made in Newcastle. Social conditions of people creating low-cost, low-quality ‘fast-fashion’ are abhorrent. Chinchen St does not support or adhere to the unethical production practices used by many fashion labels and never will. This is a promise we have to our followers and customers that we will never break.

Chinchen Streets also donates old stock to Newcastle Night Angels, a Newcastle based organisation that provides companionship, care and food to homeless people in the Hunter.

We also carefully consider our social responsibility when it comes to body image and the portrayal of the human body in the media. We use models with a range of different shapes and sizes and do not discriminate. We do not alter bodies or faces in our images using photoshop or any other method.


Chinchen St is a small business owned and operated by young Newcastle fashion designer, Bonnie Lee Tipper. Chinchen St supports the ‘shop local’ ideology, sourcing materials and services from Newcastle small businesses wherever possible.

Part of Chinchen St’s mission is to consistently collaborate with other local artists and creators. Chinchen St frequently takes expressions of Interest from models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, musicians, and promoters. We see this as a contribution to the creative scene, which in turn works towards boosting the creative economy. 

General Expressions of Interest are always welcome. We encourage all emerging and established artists, creators and businesses to get in touch via social media, or email us at: