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Why Vintage Denim Is So Damn Good For The Planet.

Vintage denim is an absolute staple. It looks rad with everything and anything in your wardrobe, and never goes out of style.  But did you know that choosing vintage denim not only gives your outfit more character, it's saves a lot of damage to the environment?

Proper denim jeans, and jackets are incredibly durable because they started out as a work wear garment, and it takes a lot of resources and work to make something that durable. Ever since they have become a fashion item, they are now something that can be worn only a few times and then discarded, even though they have the potential to last a life time!

 About 5700 litres of water are required to produce the cotton used to make a single pair of jeans. Sound's insane, but it's true. And it doesn't include water for dying or finishing the jeans! What a waste when there is so much amazing vintage denim around!

Even more ridiculous is the extra things done to new jeans to make them look "vintage". They use chemicals like caustic soda which is the main ingredient of Drain-o, and 'sandblast' the denim with highly toxic chemicals that enter the waterways and inflame workers' lungs and cause silicosis. 

Why put all this effort into faking something vintage when you can buy the real deal, saving money and the planet with one choice? And besides, vintage denim is groovy, uniquely faded and usually very well made!

So next time you need some fresh denim, consider buying real vintage. You'll be doing yourself and our beautiful planet a favour.

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