My Top Places to Buy Vintage in Newcastle

It's no secret I am a big fan of Newcastle fashion & I believe we have some of the BEST vintage stores, markets and labels. I am obsessed with vintage & in my opinion these are all absolutely killer spots to shop in this fine city:

Hunt & Gather:

Hunt & Gather - Photo by Lazy BonesPhoto by Lazy Bones for Hunt & Gather Events

Now it's no secret that this is the destination  for red hot vintage in Newcastle. In fact, a fair few of the brands listed below are regular stall holders! Not only that, but there is usually stalls from Da Vintage Code & Very Vintage who have the most legit stuff you've ever seen.

Stoned Saint Moon: 

Photo from Stoned Saint Moon Instagram

Everybody's favorite time machine/boutique in Islington for a huge range of Vintage Men's, Women's & home wares. This place is the bomb & it's super cute. They have great quality vintage from a huge range of era's & styles.

The Retro Wardrobe: 

Photo from The Retro Wardrobe Instagram

This place is amazing. Nestled on Beaumont St it has a lovely selection of everything vintage and retro! If I need something specific for a shoot this is always my first port of call. Extra points for the fabric & magazine selection that inspire so much of my work!


Photo from Moondaddy Instagram

Fresh out of the gate this taste maker, mover & shaker is one to follow immediately. If you are a fan of a statement piece, a bit of glitter and some clothes with personality then this is the emerging label for you. 

Bad Babes: 

Photo by Ninety3Till for Bad Babes

Another young brand with a knack for finding clothes with attitude. This range is for the girls who live for wearable, unique pieces that can take you anywhere! You can have a suss of their excellent website & blog or find them at some of Newcastles markets.

Two Fridas: 

Photo from Two Fridas Instagram

Islington's little slice of sunshine & Mexico! This store is a joy and has some killer vintage goodies as well as up-cycled handmade creations! The phrase "why blend in when you can stand out?" always comes to mind when I see this gorgeous shop. 

Sunshine Dreamer:


Photo from Sunshine Dreamer Online Instagram

This online store is a great source of trendy, wearable goodness. I love this insta feed & label for putting Newcastle on the map as a Vintage fashion destination. Go peep them for awesome vintage denim, t-shirt, jackets & heaps more. 

Hustle Records:

Photo from Hustle Records

This website is well worth checking out! They have a wild range of vinyl and an epic selection of unisex clothing, specializing in band merch. If it wasn't for these guys my record collection would be nothing!


That's all folks, happy Vintage hunting. ❤

P.s. This list is by no means a definitive guide to Newy vintage because there is so many epic stores & brands. These are just my personal favourites. 

 Bonnie Lee Tipper Xx