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Love Letters to My Unicorns by Bonnie Lee Tipper with Ninety3Till

Like any true vintage collector there are certain pieces I've been hunting for over many years. Things that I've known were out there & started to love before I ever found them. The waiting game is hard, but you know these Unicorn's out there somewhere and nothing is better than finally finding them.

Here are some of my most loved pieces I've kept for my personal wardrobe & why they mean so much. 

60's Cheetah Print Coat:

My mother tells me I'm a jacket queen. My jacket collection is something of a spectacle and there is one that I love the most. It's fluffy, soft and perfect faux fur. This coat makes me feel like Sophia Loren and Marc Bolan at the same time. 

When I found this baby it was full of dust. Putting it on sent me into a fit of sneezes. I soaked it and hung it in the sun over and over again, until finally breathing and wearing it were no longer mutually exclusive. These are reproduced on mass nearly every season, but I always wanted a real vintage one. You can tell me that you can't tell the difference but I don't care. This fluffy, funky jacket is perfect and I love it fur real. 

70's Hungarian Peasant Blouse:

I remeber when I was 12 I was invited to a wedding and was allowed to choose my own outfit at the shops. I picked a matching set with Hungarian style embroidery & I can remember my mother telling me it was a "peasant blouse, everyone had them in the 70's". I can also remember growing out of it a few years later and what a sad day that was.

What could be cuter. I'll never forget the moment I saw this one for the first time. I was picking though a huge vintage lot and it was tucked away underneath a matching vest & the white version of the same blouse. As a seventies fanatic and a folk art lover this is a piece I have been hunting for for years. To find two of these beauties in perfect condition was almost too much to take. 

This is no machine embroidered fast fashion knock off. This chiffon beauty is hand stitched in the richest coloured wool and shirred around the wrists to perfection. If you see me out in the next year, chances are I'll be wearing these. 

80's Red Power Suit:

One day I was out looking though op-shops for fabric with my best friend and we came across this incredible 80's power suit. At the time I was really into binge watching The Nanny and drooling over her co-ords. This red polyester / cheetah print combo had me head over heels as soon as I pulled it out from that weird part of the op-shop with all the mother of the bride 2 pieces. 

When I bought it i wasn't sure if I'd have the confidence to wear it, but now this suit is potentially my absolute favorite outfit. It's bold, powerful and a little bit cheesy. Even worn separate, the tailored pants in stop sign red are one of my best staples. If you find a suit that fits you and suits your personality, then GET IT. I have never looked back & you won't either. 


These Love Stories are dedicated to Fashion Revolution. They have lots of ways to get involved! I decided to take the challenge to share my fashion love story and "write a love letter about an item of clothing that means a lot to you". If we fall back in love with those clothes that we have a special connection with, we can reduce our needless consumption of seasonal trending fast fashion. 

Thanks to Ninety3Till for taking these photos of me wearing my favorite things & making me feel like a babe. @ninety3till