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Guest Blog by Alina Mae Tipper.

As a proud sister of Chinchen St and supporter of sustainable initiatives, I have barged my way onto this blog to honour Fashion Revolution Week.

Fashion Revolution Week is about encouraging everyone to ask the question ‘Who made my clothes?’ with the aim of improving transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.  Many “locally designed” fashion products are nothing more than beautiful drawings sent elsewhere to be manufactured in socially and environmentally poor conditions. I’m stoked to be able to say #whomademyclothes is my sister, and even more stoked that Chinchen St is a combination of handmade, recycled and vintage.

While my personal style is under-cooked at best, over the past few years exposure to Chinchen St work paired with much encouragement has #blessed me with a number of wonderful pieces.

Tie-dye Shirts

Chinchen St tie-dye shirts are the perfect basics to wear without being feeling ‘basic’. My frequents are the recycled Rust dye and Chinchen St x The Owls merch collab. They are crazy comfortable and I love that every single dye has its own unique pattern.

Custom Kimono

A while back I got a Chinchen St custom kimono made, à la Jake McCubbin. I needed something versatile, soft and colourful for backpacking around Laos with my best friend. I loved the whole process from fabric shopping to fitting the finished product. It covered and warmed me through caves, longboats and temples. I will forever have fond memories when I wear it.


Vintage Jackets

I don’t know how I lived before I got this Chinchen St vintage denim jacket. I love the zig-zag detail along the buttons. Another fave is this vintage red jacket which I team with black boots in winter.


Slip Skirts 

My Chinchen St slip skirt collection is on a steady incline. I am obsessed with finding skirts with unique and beautiful lace trims. I have a matching cami for my blue slip skirt to complete evening and festival looks.



Next time you see Chinchen St at market or event pull something off the rack and ask how it was made, where the materials came from, where it was collected or what the inspiration behind it is. I have learnt from my sister is that fashion is impactful and artistic and that it is important to be aware of your influence as a designer, manufacturer and a consumer.

Shop available items at or see Chinchen St this weekend at Groovin the Moo – Maitland, or the free Perfect Sunday event at The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel.


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