5 Questions with FRITZ

If you haven't heard of FRITZ by now then you may want to clean out your ears, because this Newcastle artist has been making waves. We are huge fans of her unique sound and undeniable individualism, so we were super excited to have Tilly try on a few of our vintage outfits & answer some of our burning questions.

1) You recently put out a new song Ghost Poke, tell us about that?

I did! Ghost Poke is quite different to the songs I’ve written in the past but that’s why I like it so much, it shows a different side to me and has a certain energy that I wanted to share with everyone! “Ghost Poke” is a term a coined that is basically when an old friend gets in contact with you but only for their own gain and then never speaks to you again. It’s about loneliness too… I feel lonely sometimes lol

2) We love your style so much! What are your favorite places to shop?

Thanks! I mainly shop in vintage shops - my style is quite 80’s/90’s so I like the look of vintage clothes more and I also like shopping for second hand clothes because of the big issue of fast fashion. The more we can reuse and recycle the better.

3) You've been playing some big stages lately! Any highlights?

We played Groovin The Moo a couple of weeks ago which was by far the biggest stage we’ve played on! So that’s definitely a highlight…

4) If you had to eat the same food for every meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Probably macaroni and cheese - I’m very much intolerant to dairy but cheese is my favourite food so………. Cheese wins unfortunately (I am so sorry tummy…)

5) What's coming up next for you?

Putting out a new single very very soon! Like a few weeks… also putting out a video clip for Ghost Poke which I’m veryyyyyyy excited for everyone to see. More shows and more good times I guess yewwwwwww waahhh!!ooo!!


What a star!! You can find FRITZ on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify & More. Enjoy! Xx

Photos and interview by Bonnie Lee Tipper.